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Car Finance Calculator

This website is part of a Platinum Finance initiative to make finance accessible to more people than ever. It will help you to find a vehicle according to your budget, and according to what you deem important in your next purchase.

Once you’ve found your next potential purchase, you can compare it to others to see how it really stands up. More importantly, it lets you discover which finance options are available to you – empowering you with the knowledge and support to get you in your new car sooner.

Should I Finance?

Financing your next car purchase can make a lot of sense. It gives you the option to get your new car sooner, whether you’re stuck without transport or whether you just want an upgrade. Some financing options even allow you to swap cars periodically, and some can even leave you with more money in your pocket week-to-week.

If you’re looking to purchase vehicles for a business, your account will love the financing option as it means manageable periodic repayments rather than a big lump sum. Less up-fronts, more doing business.

Interested? Give it a go – select a car and discover what repayments you might be looking at.